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You can decorate moshi monsters floor for your room, make it look good and monster happy.  I have level 9 now therefore want to share all the existing floor in various places. I show it from types, rox prices and should the level of how to be able to have it.

Open your MAP and select any locations:

Monstro City -> Yukea:

Spotty Floor - Moshi Monsters Spotty Floor : It’s almost like it’s raining. but it’s not. it’s not.
Checker Floor - Moshi Monsters Checker Floor : Maybe you can play Monster Chess!

Sludge Street -> DIY Shop:

Scuffy Carpet Floor - Moshi Monsters Scuffy Carpet Floor : Some comfy, worn carpet.
Mossy Floor - Moshi Monsters Mossy Floor : Mm, dirt, who doesn’t love dirt!
Metal Grate Floor - Moshi Monsters Metal Grate Floor : Clink clink click!
Grassy Floor - Moshi Monsters Grassy Floor : It’s like running through a field all day!
Quilted Floor - Moshi Monsters Quilted Floor : Couldn’t you just fall straight asleep on this?
The Waffle House Floor - Moshi Monsters The Waffle House Floor : Mmm, waffles. Anyone who visits your room will feel the need!
Cloud Floor - Moshi Monsters Cloud Floor : Now you can truly feel that you’re walking on air.
Glass Floor - Moshi Monsters Glass Floor : Don’t get vertigo, it’s a long down. Well, not really.

The Port -> Babs’ Boutique:

Stage Room Floor - Moshi Monsters Stage Room Floor : Light up the stage, and shine a light on your perfomance.
Trip to the Moon Floor - Moshi Monsters Trip to the Moon Floor : It’s one small step for Furis, one giant leap for Moshlings.

Secret codes for get Lava Floor and Animated Dance/Disco Floor you can use at moshi mopod codes on No. 15 & 16

All Floor Collections | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5