Attracting Moshlings on Your Garden

Moshlings are litte pets for your monsters! some are easy to attract, but other only like certain flower colors.

Moshlings Seed Buy some seeds on Main Street to plant in your garden. or In your garden click button TO SEED CART. Seeds are purchased with a ROX price. If your money ( rox ) run out then collect first from somewhere else, just come back later to this store for buy it. Great if you are a Premium Member due to can buy SUPER SEEDS more variation, faster growing and can produce ultra rare moshlings.
Plant a seedPlant a seed in each of the 3 plots and watch them grow!
Flower growFlower take time to grow, but a happy monster’s flowers grow fastest.
Moshlings flower grownOnce all 3 flowers have grown, you’ll see if you’ve attracted a Moshling.
CluekooIf you don’t get a moshling, don’t worry! The Cluekoo will give you hint on how to find one.
Snookums #10Keep trying – there are Moshlings in the wild who like all sorts of flowers!
So.. What seeds do you have to plant to get moshlings as your wish? See here

To Plant flower, choose your seeds bag on right corner of screen (red color):

How to Plant Seeds on Moshi Monsters

with your mouse cursor drag and drop each seed to Plots.

Seeds need time to grow into a flower color, so just leave for a moment and play elsewhere.  And come again to your garden if it is grown.

Attracting Moshlings on Your Garden | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5