Can us meet buster bumblechops on moshi monsters? right question. Buster Bumblechops is Monstro City own Moshling expert extraordinaire. You can only meet him if you’re a member. If you are a member you must do the Super Moshi Mission, where you get Lady Goo Goo Secret 2 Moshling (she’s no. #102) Inside the mission Buster Bumblechops will be there.

Buster Bumblechops Moshi Monsters

He is working on a BOOK that you’ll be able to buy in stores once it’s finished. You see, since he’s an expert Moshling collector, he’s going to share his Moshling collecting secrets with the world!

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There is a moshling that can’t be found UNLESS you do something. Her name is Roxy and she is Ultra Rare. She looks like a diamond. If you are already on and you wanna find Roxy, here is how, first make an account. Go to www.moshimonsters.com and adopt a monster. If you already have one then don’t do this. After that, go to the secret code box and type in HOBBIDIDANCE. Or e-mail buster@moshimonsters.com Then log in. Go to your garden and look in your bag. You should have a pink rose. It should be called Radiant Roxy Rose. Plant it and buy 2 other plants. Any plants. Then go back to your garden and and plant the Radiant Roxy Rose and the 2 other plants. After that day, go to your garden and you should see roxy! Good luck! Also you can get other moshlings too. If your monster’s health is bad then your plants will grow slowly. If you wanna know more about how to catch moshlings, then go to a book store or somewhere and find a book called Moshi Monsters/Moshling Collectors Guide. If you wanna have alot of moshling’s then become a member! it is $6.00 a month. (in some places) or you can go to Gamestop and buy a membership card. Then you can become a member free. If you are not a member, you can have more than 2. But only 2 will be in your room. If you are a member then you can still get more moshlings but 6 can go in your room. There are some Rare and Ultra Rare ones too. Roxy is hard to get so follow these steps.

You know that the experts say Buster Bumblechops get his name from meat..

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