Cherry Bomb the Baby Boomer

Cherry Bomb is a moshling that has dynamite sauce tastes like tomato sauce at first. After a while, your mouth starts to sting, and minutes later, it feels like an explosion of TNT has burst into your mouth! She called as Baby Boomer.

Cherry Bomb the Baby Boomer Moshlings

How to get Cherry Bomb into YOUR Moshling Zoo is if you have finished super moshi mission 4. I got  secret message from buster bumblechops when I am Level 10 to save her from certain disaster and keep Monstro City safe by tackle the Glumps and explore the Candy Cane Caves then exploding and hitting the Sweet Tooth (the evil monster that have made ​​the moshlings in Monstro City became sick).

Sweet Tooth Monsters

Details Info of Cherry Bomb:


Quick! Stick your fingers in your ears, the Baby Boomers are here. But don’t panic, these clockwork Moshlings rarely go boom. The reason they’re so noisy is because their fuses fizz and crackle whenever they’re excited. Fzzzttt!

Bangers and crash with dynamite sauce.

Buckets of water and candle snuffers.

Baby Boomers can pop up anywhere (yikes!) but often fizzle around Kaboom Canyon.

Cherry Bomb the Baby Boomer | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5