Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker April 2013

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Aunt Arctic is the Director and news reporter also editor-in-chief for the newspaper of The Club Penguin Times since May 2006. She is one of the most important penguins on the island. So many people are looking for Aunt Arctic Tracker during she visiting island.

Every week she answers the penguins’ questions around the island that sent to her. She likes trivia, getting the scoop on the island’s parties and more events.

Aunt Arctic give you a new autographed background for your penguin account when you meet her on this month party.

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Autographed Background

Aunt Arctic Tracker February 2013

Tips to find Aunt Arctic:

  1. Refresh our tracker about 10-15 minutes to know Aunt Arctic’s location.
  2. Aunt Arctic is a green penguin who wears glasses and a pink hat and has a pencil on her hat.
  3. Usually she visits crowded servers (Blizzard, Alaska, Abominable, Yukon, Zipline, etc.) with 3-5 green bars.
  4. Aunt Arctic will mainly be on during the day.
  5. She will usually be in the middle of crowds.
  6. Aunt Arctic can be found in any places from the club penguin studios, coffee shop, town, snow forts, plaza, and the Hollywood party limo.
  7. Aunt Arctic takes breaks once and a while and goes off for 10-15 minutes.
  8. During least crowded hours check Spanish, French, and Portuguese servers.
  9. If some penguins say “Aunt Arctic!”, I’m sure you’ve found her.
  10. When meet Aunt Arctic, click on the gift icon on her player card to receive a free Aunt Arctic Background.
Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker April 2013 | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5