Glumpatron The Image Difference

Glumpatron is a devilish machine that was found by Sprocket, an annoying robot. This Glump machine and also was known as Glumpatron 3000 was intentionally created to make the moshling into minions in order to help Dr. Strangeglove and his evil organization, C.L.O.N.C.

If you are a Super Moshi, you may already familiar with the Glumpatron Machine. Therefore you can easily distinguishing the differences between two Glumpatron pictures below. This time, you must find out what the thing that exist on first picture, but doesn’t on the second pictures. Prove that you are really a Super Moshi by solving this Glumpatron the image difference problem.

Take a close look into the following Glumpatron Image#1 :

Glumpatron The Image Difference

Now, see also the second image of Glumpatron below :

Glumpatron The Image Difference

You have found the difference of glumpatron between those two image above, haven’t you? Look at the green tube on the first picture, all of it was filled up, but it wasn’t on the second picture.

The second and third differencies can be found around the junk. On the first picture, there is a red-white button and black wire. While on the second glumpatron image you would not find it. And the last one is the orange barrel on the first image but could not find on the second glumpatron image.

Glumpatron The Image Difference | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5