Many are looking for an explanation of email to get a complete tutorial or if you need help to your Moshi monsters. A newbie or beginner player must have confused after they Moshi monsters sign in and how to play it, next?

The full tutorial of help can get from moshi alien name is Raarghly who talk stranger languange.. bla..bla.. ha..ha.. I also not understand what he say, but we can see the subtitles or hints text and the animation.

1. First go to


Raarghly will explain every step that you need detaily.


Raarghly the help moshi monsters

3. Just sit and relax enjoy all guides until finish.

In Addition, anytime you can visit the main page, if you are still on tour video mode just refresh your browser or Press F5 to begin again. Click the button TUTORIAL MENU then CHOOSE THE SECTION TO WATCH.

Help Moshi Monsters

To be Master in moshi monsters very easily even if you are aged 14 years, similar Binweevils games must be above 13 years old for requirement to play. Please visit then you will find a manual page that contains anything of important questions and answers from Mr. Moshi (admin).

The list are:

  1. How do I care for my monster?
  2. What are Rox?
  3. How do I earn Rox?
  4. How do I feed my monster?
  5. How do I decorate my house?
  6. What are my monster’s health and happiness?
  7. How do I level up?
  8. What does my monster’s mood mean?
  9. What do the four-leaf clovers mean in the shop?
  10. What is the Friends Tree?
  11. How do I find my friends?
  12. How do I know I’ve got a friends request?
  13. How many friends can I have?
  14. What is my Monstar Rating?
  15. How often can I rate a room?
  16. Where do I enter the secret code I got with my MoPod?
  17. What is the pinboard?
  18. How can I stop someone from contacting me again?
  19. How can I unblock someone I’ve blocked before?
  20. What’s a Moshi Member?
  21. How do I become a Moshi Member?
  22. I need help with my membership.
  23. How do I cancel my membership?
  24. Why is my Daily Challenge already completed today? I haven’t played it yet!
  25. What are Moshlings?
  26. How can I get a Moshling?
  27. Help, I can’t get a Moshling!
  28. What do I need to play Moshi Monsters?
  29. What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?
  30. What do I do if I’m having trouble playing Moshi Monsters?
  31. What are Moshi Membership cards?
  32. Why can’t I activate my Moshi Membership card?
  33. Where can I purchase Moshi Membership cards?
  34. Can I switch my Moshi Membership card to a credit card?
  35. Can I cancel my Moshi Membership card?
  36. Can I activate more than one Moshi Membership card?
  37. Can I purchase Moshi Membership cards for other people?
  38. Help! I got an error message when activating my Moshi Membership card!
  39. How do I get more rooms for my monster’s house?
  40. How do I get to my other rooms?
  41. How do I get to Monstro City? Where’s the map gone?
  42. How do I change the look of my house?

If you don’t find the answers as your hope just contact the admin at They will quickly respond within 24 hours.

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