Herotopia Tips Smighty Combinations

The Smighties are cute, small and mighty creatures who love to help the superheroes in Herotopia! You can look after your Smighties in your hero’s Playground by heading to your Hideout and clicking on the Playground icon. Once in your Playground, you can also choose which of your Smighties you’d like to accompany you around Herotopia.

There are over 70 Smighties to rescue and they can be found by heading to the North Pole and choosing the right combination of Rod, Grabber and Pier.

Free players can rescue one Smighty in the Smighties Fishing Game. There is no limit to how many Smighties All Access Members can rescue. To get you started with collecting the Smighties, we’ve put together a handy list of the combinations required for eight of these Smighties!

Go to http://herotopia.com, head to the North Pole and use the below combinations to rescue these Smighties:


Huego – Tree Branch, Tentacle Trap, Bamboo.
Bendeedle – Tree Branch, Tentacle Trap, Wood.


Pixel – Tree Branch, Plunging Plunger, Wood.
Bond – Silver Star, Iron Grip, Stone.
Shadow – Bamboo Fly, Iron Grip, Stone.
Stella Stardust – Hot Rod, Tentacle Trap, Stone.
Admiral – Silver Star, Tentacle Trap, Bamboo.
Tugbot – Tree Branch, Scuba Scoop, Bamboo.
Blabbit – Tree Branch, Plunging Plunger, Bamboo.
Nardy – Silver Star, Lucky Claws, Stone.

Herotopia Tips Smighty Combinations

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