How to Become Super Moshi Monsters

When became a Super Moshi you will meet buster bumblechops and do many rescue missions from elder katsuma (the leader of Monstro City).


  1. You must be Moshi Member first
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Click on the super moshi present in your room OR you can go to the volcano location [on the map] then talk to the Gatekeeper at the right screen then follow his instructions.
  4. Then go to sludge street and click on the “for rent” house.  It will tell you that you need a code.
  5. Click the fisherman across the rode from the ” for rent” house. He will give you the letter P. Then go to the man reading a book on main street. He will say the letter I.
  6. Then go to the man listening to music on sludge street. He will say letter E. Then go back to the “for rent” House. Click on it. You will see a piece of paper on the floor. Click on it and then fling the codes for PIE.
  7. ONCE you have typed in PIE, Click the key out of the hand. Then go to the gate keeper in the volcano on the top right hand corner on your map. Click on the statue guy.
    Gate Keeper Super Moshi Volcano HQ
    He will only let you inside the volcano if your a moshi member.
    Elder Katsuma Super Moshi Volcano HQ

For more detail watch this video:

Begin the 1st mission: Looking for an stolen monster’s egg, after finding these egg will hatch into moshling Lady Goo Goo.

Buster Bumblechops Mission 1 Super Moshi Volcano HQ

I will explain the tutorials every mission in volcano HQ on the next article..  so stay follow this blog updates. okay.. first add me:

How to Become Super Moshi Monsters | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5