How to Draw Poppet

How to Draw Poppet Moshi Monsters Step by Step


Start by lightly sketching three circles in a triangular pattern (red lines). These don’t need to be perfect since they are just guides.

Use the guides to help draw the outline of Poppet’s head – Notice how her head is wider and flatter at the bottom than the top.

How to Draw Poppet


Just like the head we are going to lightly sketch the general shape first, then add more detail.

How to Draw Poppet

How to Draw Poppet 1. Sketch an oval for her tummy.
How to Draw Poppet 2. Her tummy sticks out on the left, so add a line for that.
How to Draw Poppet 3. Draw the lines for her legs, and an oval on her tummy.


How to Draw Poppet

Poppets are quite simple, just draw two sausage shapes. Note that one of her arms is behind her body.

Her boots are a little bit harder, but are easy if you follow the steps below.

How to Draw Poppet


Now it’s time to give your poppet a pair of ears and funky fringe.

Notice how her fringe is made of 3 triangles, each one bigger than the last.


How to Draw Poppet

Draw two circles for the eyes. Note where they sit on the face – how far are they to each other? Do your best to make them an equal size.

Add the iris (the colored part of the eye) and pupil next. Leave a semicircle blank in these parts for the highlight – this makes the eyes look shiny and alive.

Draw the eyelashes to complete the eyes.


How to Draw Poppet

Draw an oval for Poppet’s nose. See how it lines up with the bottom of her eyes. Draw two more ovals for her cheeks. Just draw a line for her mouth, then draw her muzzle.

Finally add her whiskers.

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