How to Earn Rox Fast on Moshi Monsters

How to Earn Rox Fast on Moshi MonstersRox is the money used in Moshi monsters game to buy food, seeds, furniture, decorate room and all objects to make your monster is always healthy, happy and to level up.

Here several ways to get more rox:

Scroll down at main screen, choose button say “Intive Friends, Get Rox” Enter your friend’s email and your first name. Admin will send them a special Moshi email inviting them to sign up and visit your room! for this you will get 150 Rox.

How to Earn Rox Fast on Moshi Monsters

Open your MAP

1. Go to Puzzle Palace, there are Daily Challenge. Just answer all questions fast and correct. I get 130+ rox for 6 right answers.

Rox in Puzzle Palace

I don’t like mini-games on Hall of Puzzles because only small earn 5 Rox a puzzle. Mostly because it take too long time, and earn you a ridiculously low amount.

2. Playing the Ice Scream game on Ooh La Land. Start 60 rox for Day 1

Rox from Ice Scream game on Ooh La Land

3. Shake rox trees at The Port (Member Only).

Rox Trees at The Port

4. Dig up rox flowers in your garden

5. Go to main street at Monstro City, scroll right then enter to wood hole that emit tone color.  Play on the underground disco here (Member Only). This games like Guitar Hero on Playstation 2.

Go to Underground Disco

Earn Rox at Moshi Monsters Underground Disco

6. Sell stuff at Dodgy Deals. Go to sludge street and go right, there you can see a board that says dodgy deals then visit them.

Sell stuff at Dodgy Deals then get Rox

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