How to Get Christmas Tree on Moshi Monsters

Previously I have posted a little article about moshi monsters christmas might it give you a description what you get on holiday later. To get Christmas Tree just wait until December, at this month go to Gross-ery Store on Main Street then buy the red Twistmas Cracker. Go back to your moshi home, from your inventory put Cracker onto the floor. Good job!

 Christmas Tree on Moshi Monsters  Red Twistmas Cracker on Moshi Monsters

You know monsters celebrate Twistmas (the monster version of Christmas) on December. Many Twistmas items can pick up easily from all stores on moshi MAP during the 12 Days of Twistmas. Trust me will always be with you as a faithful guide.

How to Get Christmas Tree on Moshi Monsters | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5