How to Get Moshling Boomer on Moshi Monsters

Moshling Boomer #35Hi guys! I’ve long not update. Good news for moshi monsters I have free moshling boomer codes, I try it and 100% really work.

Moshling Boomer released on this August, some moshling info I have to share to you, because I love this game and I am very love my blog’s visitor.

Boomer the Bigmouth Squiddly Dee is a moshling in the Noisies along with Cherry Bomb. Her rarity is Uncommon and her number is #35

COMBINATION: Shrillberry Seeds and any other two plants.

Stuff your ears with cotton wool because Bigmouth Squiddly Dees are seriously loud. They might look all fluffy and harmless but every time you touch one it opens its gigantic cakehole and yells like a foghorn. But what’s with the bandage? Well, it’s actually loo roll what they wrap around their fluffy heads to protect their ears from their own blaring shrieks.

Soft loo roll and throat sweets.

Heavy metal and prodding.

Eleventy Nook but sometimes spotted on Main Street. Yikes!

Here is what you’ve been waiting for.:

Moshlings Boomer Codes

  • First code A8XY3CA
  • Second code VK8Y37D

Choose one of above code, input when moshi monsters login then go to moshi garden, plant Shrillberry with two other seeds. Come back next 6 hour later. Finally the boomer catched in your garden.

How to Get Moshling Boomer on Moshi Monsters | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5