How to Get Moshling Nipper and Detail Info on Moshi Monsters

Many friends asked to me how do you get Moshlings Nipper? She is a new species after Blingo and Dustbin Beaver, no wonder to me many are looking for. She has come with The New DS Game ‘Moshling Zoo’ on November 11th, 2011.

I will tell you first Moshling Nipper Info in detail officialy from The Daily Grow:

Moshling Nipper

Nipper is a green creature with set Techies, #108 Ultra Rare and the species Titchy TrundleBot.

It Comes Out With The New DS Game ‘Moshling Zoo’ On November 11th

Need a hand? Better call a Titchy TrundleBot! As well as helping to build Monstro City, these versatile Moshlings can pluck rox from the highest trees, trundle across bumpy surfaces and warn Monsters of falling bolders. It´s easy thanks to their stretchy flexi arms, caterpillar-clad tootsies and flashing hats.

Stretching exersizes and baseball.

Rusty wrenches and hard hats.

TrundleBots love hanging around construction sites, but are most at home playing tag in Quivering Quarry.

How to Get Nipper on Moshi Monsters:

  • Buy The Moshling Zoo DS Game
  • Enter the secret code
  • Plant the special seed with any 2 flowers
  • Wait 6 hours and Nipper will be in your garden.

Note: In Australia it comes out in November 2011 at EbGames.

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