How to Get Oompah Moshling

Moshling Oompah #69 the Brassy Blowything from Tunies set and Rare. Another name is Tooter. The cute yellow French horn has a awesome eyes.

Oompah Moshling

His personality are bright, boisterous and symphonic.

To catch Oompah just mix super seeds combination that available at The Port area.  Plant any Crazy Daisy in your moshi garden. Wait till you get a Yellow Crazy Daisy and a Yellow a Star Blossom. Then this moshling will be in your garden.

See a video below:


Do you like parping? Good, because these melodious Moshlings can’t stop tooting thigh-slapping tunes whenever they smell sausages grilling or hear wobble ade fizzing. And that’s why I’ve managed to collect so many of ‘em over the years because I like nothing more than a few silly sausages washed down with wobbleade when I’m on an expedition. I’ve recently discovered that brassy blowythings also enjoy burping rainbow coloured bubbles when they march in time to their toot-tastic ditties.

Likes: Lederhosen and Jolly Tubthumpers
Dislikes: Kazoo solos and greasy fingers
Habitat: In Polka Park (alongside Squeezy Tinklehuffs ) but some parp around Windypop Place.

How to Get Oompah Moshling | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5