Icky Sticky by Gloop So DIY Shop Still Close, Let’s Help Dewy!

Take look there is something different at Sludge Street so I cannot enter to buy something in DIY Shop.. do you know what’s going on? Something very sticky covering all parts of the Dewy’s store. oww terrible.. as moshi monsters you must clean it! I know that is Icky the Gloop Monster.. may he sent by Monstro City’s evil Dr.Strangeglove, if you click it seem like a game that you must solved.

Icky the Gloop Monster

Icky the Gloop Monster

Icky Sticky by Gloop So DIY Shop Still Close, Let's Help Dewy!

Please help Dewy (The current owner is DIY Shop, a red monster who prefers uncleanliness) scoop some of this gloop so that he can open the store again! You just drag the gloop with your mouse to pull it away!

Now, I have an answer about this crazy story: Icky thinks Dewy is his mummy!¬†That’s just my guess but there are 4 other possibilities this mishap could happened:

  1. Icky’s mum’s name is Gooey, which rhymes with Dewy, which is how Icky got confused
  2. Dewy smells like Icky’s mum because he used Gloop! fragrance
  3. Dewy’s storeroom was full of gloop in preparation for Super Gloop Day and Icky couldn’t resist it
  4. All of the above.

Hi moshi mania, what do you think about that???

Snozzle Wobbleson with Gloopberry Muffin

Big news guys! by the way caused Icky the gloop monster Snozzle Wobbleson have an ABUNDANCE of gloop foods. Lets go to GROSS-ERY STORE at Monstro City to buy Gloopberry Muffin only 25 Rox if you are level 6 or higher.

Gloopberry Muffin

It’s more interesting, to know your concentration level I give a lot of pictures from A – L. There is one distinct parts, which one is it?

Who knew? Gloop makes a glooptastic frosting! Feed to your monster and make him happy.

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