Make the Moshi Monsters Happy

In moshi monsters I adopted Poppet and wanna make she always happy is not too difficult at all. But the question is, why our pet monster should be happy? According to me, the pet monster especially Poppet will not be seen cute anymore if she is not happy. She will look so tired, and not exited.

Poppet Moshi Monsters Happy

The happiness level of our pet monster can be seen on the left indicator, right below the mood and health indicator. Actually, our pet monster’s happiness is closely related with their mood. If your pet monster’s happiness level is low, then their mood is commonly not good. Thus, when you gained the happiness level, it will be affecting to your pet monster’s mood as well.

As you may already knew that Poppet is a type of monster on Moshi Monster that was very popular within the girls, although some boys are also like this type of monster like us. Maybe it was caused by the Poppet has lovely personalities and cute appearances.

Moshi Monsters Happy


To make your Poppet look so energetics is easy. The most simple way to make your Poppet’s happiness level increased and have a good mood is by playing a puzzle. You can play both daily challenge puzzle and hall of puzzles. If you want to boost your happiness level within the short time, so you have to try playing Hall of puzzles as much as you can. And, should be underlined that the higher scores for each puzzle you can be reached, it will be better. Keep playing that Puzzles, no matter the types, until you feel your Pet monster has an appropriate mood and happiness level.

After all, that is a little tips from me to gain the happiness level of my Poppet remain high. My Poppet’s happiness level previously was only 451, but after She play the Puzzles, her happiness level was increasing to 999. I think it’s really worked. So, you can try to your own Pet monster.

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