Make Your Own Moshi Board Game

In real life usually you play monopoly or ladder snake games but on moshi monsters Tyra always win Moshnopoly because she mastering the rules, somebody hate it but if you cheating rules will not be fun, so need to follow are rules.

Did you know on 7th February is Safer Internet Day and motto of the theme this year is “connecting generations and educating each other.”. Yeah great time now your parents and grandparents involved to help make Moshi Board Game.

Prepare anything you need from:

Moshi character cut outs, a ruler, a pair of dice, a glue stick, markers, a piece of posterboard

Step 1 – Draw your paths on your board. Make leave room for a start box.

Step 2 – Lay out the characters and signs to create bonus and traps on your game board, don’t get stop on Strangeglove’s box or you will slide back quite away.

Step 3 – Glue characters in place

Step 4 – Use moshlings figures or character cut outs to find or make game pieces, any toys will work

Step 5 – Establish Rules for your game. For example:
– Land on a moshling and go forward 2 spaces
– Land on a glump and go back 2 spaces
– Land on bonus boxes or traps + follow the arrows
– First to the volcano wins!

Step 6 – Enjoy your game

Wanna your moshi monsters board game featured on Daily Growl? it’s simple follow this way:

1. Take photo of your board game than save it as your owner name. For example, Nenengjuwita’s image would be called nenengjuwita.jpg

2. Send your photo to email before the deadline 13th February and make sure include the game rules, also the name of your Moshi board game.

3. Moshi creative team will select the favourite to show off on The Daily Growl!

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