Metal Moshi Room Design

This time I will give guidance a moshi monsters room’s decoration made ​​of metal or iron. hmm… yummy.. It looks like a home of robot (cyborg). ok, lets roll! Go to Sludge Street -> then inside DIY Shop. Some best material combination as follows:
Make sure you have enough moshi level and more rox to buy items. You can read my previous tutorials to do that.

 Moshi Monsters Metal Window

Metal Window

 Fully reinforced against monster attacks!

 Moshi Monsters Metal Door

Metal Door

 Even a Furi couldn’t run through this door!

 Machinery Wallpaper

Machinery Wallpaper

 Clunk and grind sounds sold separately.

 Moshi Monsters Metal Grate Floor

Metal Grate Floor

 Clink clink clink!

Metal Moshi Room Design

I apply to my house, exactly on 3rd floor. Some friends argue it may look like a factory. What do you think?

Metal Moshi Room Design | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5