Moshi Monsters Magazine

As ultimate player you must have Moshi Magazine because a lot of benefits for enjoy world of Montrous Moshi such us:

  • Moshling code for every subscriber!
  • Discover tons of Moshi Hints and Tips!
  • Amazing FREE gift!
  • Unlock Secret items!

Moshi Magazine

You can buy to subcribes moshi magazine from here or

Mind Candy always is the best as I know so I will tell you why read moshi magazine?

Character Fact Files

Moshi Magazine

All super secrets, monsterrific stats and everything surprises about your favourite Monstro citizens you can find out here. For example you are curious the Dustbin Beaver cheats code.

Extreme Puzzles

Moshi Magazine

Moshi Extreme puzzles will train your brain and your mom/dad to enjoy everyday. Prove you are  the smartest family by challenge your parents to moshi monsters super-tough puzzles.

Real Life

Moshi Magazine

With moshi magazine as your guide to explore the world culture likes fun facts, the people, and more.. This way to trip around earth planet. Learn everything here so raise your knowledge.

Official Moshi Stories

Moshi Magazine

Do you like some challenging adventure? Solve more cool secrets and includes a brain-busting puzzle in each Moshi Monsters Magazine issue. Do not forget there is new moshi comic strip , very very.. funny you’ll laugh yourself silly.

Moshi Secrets Hints and Tips

Moshi fan you’ll discover any hidden facts, helpful gaming advice and top tips like in I got a lot of rare Moshlings and know all new characters.

Monstar of The Month

Moshi Magazine

I found Banana Montana on underground disco wanna be rise to fame just  join the ranks of him and Dustbin Beaver the you can become Moshi Mag’s MonSTAR of the Month. Tyra Fangs give you a fabulous style as monster owner to decorate your OWN page each month.

Exclusive in Game Items

Moshi Magazine

Collect secret items that is super-rare are ONLY available to Moshi Magazine readers, remember you will not find the exclusive item codes in anywhere else.

Get Involved

Moshi Magazine

You can make creativity as you think likes make a lot of unique and interesting things for monthly art competitions, share your jokes and recipes, make cool Moshi models, see your letters in print and win great prizes. The Moshi Magazine always support your ideas and imagination.

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