Moshi Monsters Moshling Pip

Moshi Monsters Pip is new secret moshling set Nutties, currently not yet released may be you catch it from a Super Moshi Mission or use secret code from book. It very exclusive.. I saw it came from Moshling Zoo DS game.

Moshi Monsters Moshling Pip

okay, I just get e-mail from moshi team how to get moshling Pip:

The “Pip” was released in May 2012. To collect the moshling Pip, you must buy the Moshi playset which comes with a one time use code. The Moshi playset is available at your retail store of Toys R Us and Target. We unfortunately only made Pip for anyone who buys the set, as it as a ultra rare moshling and only an extra moshling in the game itself. We hope you understand and keep exploring around monstro city! Stick to the daily growl as we’ll give lots of information on new moshling in the upcoming.

Moshling Pip #9 Insider Info:

Savvy by name, Savvy by nature,These titchy woodland Moshlings know everything there is to know (And maybe a little bit more) about nature. When they’re not studying soil samples, leaping into piles of leaves and collecting berries with their acorn hats, Savvy Saplings enjoy playing golf with twiggy clubs and mini gooberry balls.I once stumbled across a tournament and got pelted on the backside with a splat attack of berries. Luckily the Savvy Saplings soon realized I was a fellow nature expert and decided to compare notes. Fascinating, especially as theirs were written in enchanted sap.

Titchy Woodland Seeds with 2 any other Seeds.

Raindrops and Conkers

Concrete and Moshling collectors with big feet

The main savvy sapling village is hidden undergrowth in wobbly woods but shrewman tells me they also live in hidey-holes in the trees

Moshi Monsters Moshling Pip | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5