Moshi Monsters Underground Disco

When you play moshi monsters underground disco songs it’s similar to Guitar Hero games from Playstation. You need earn rox fast? this is one the answer.

Moshi Monsters Underground Disco

Be Moshi Members then can get past the bouncer at the Underground Disco there are 3 levels you can play here ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’, ‘Hard’, Earn Rox (the more difficult then you will collect as much money as possible) and see how many tracks you can unlock from artists such as Banana Montana, Taylor Miffed, The Groanas Brothers, Lady Googoo, The Goo Fighters, 49 Fence, Broccoli Spears, Hairosniff, Pussycat Poppets, and The Fizzbangs.

Here the video demo:

How do you go to Moshi Monsters Underground Disco area.. it’s very easy after you are moshi member. Here several MAP you can explore:

1. Main street (Monstro City), scroll to right you will find a hole logs in front of Bizarre Bazaar.

2. Ooh La Lane, you can enter through the blink hole waterways between Ice-Scream!shop and Print Workshop.

3. The Port, Scroll mouse to the end of the right side behind the giant pink octopus there is a flashes small cave and took out tones sign.

4. Sludge Street, Scroll mouse to the end of the left side behind fisherman there is a wood toilet and took out tones sign.

I think enough, please select one of the most you like to go there.

Moshi Monsters Underground Disco | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5