Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

Take your gift on Moshi Monster at Visit that site now and you will get free moshlings and rox through a gift code. According to insider info from Moshi Monster, there will be a new free gift code every months. So be ready and do not go anyway to take your gift here.

Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

This month, give you a chance to own Blingo moshling. As long as you have the gift code, you can easily redeem that code to get free moshling on Moshi Monster.

Moshling Blingo

By these four easy step, your moshling zoo will receive a new comer, meanwhile your Rox will also increase as well. Once you get the gift code, please go to the to log in. If you do not have any account yet, you simply need to sign up. On the moshi monster log in screen there are three input field which are first field for your username, second field for your password and the third field for redeeming your gift code.

After you finishing fill it out all that fields, then you just have to log in. After you redeem the gift code, go to the seed cart or super seeds to buy a magic seeds and two others seeds. After you have it all, go to your moshling garden and plant those seeds.

Moshi Offer Free Moshlings, ROX and Gift Code

I can share this because of I was already visiting and get the gift code “Djdude456”. Evenmore, I also already redeem that code and get a free moshling. Look at the picture below, who is the moshling with me? Blingo, yes, he is Blingo that several time ago has made a concert with Zack Binspin.

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