Moshling Burnie #097Cheats (Ultra Rare)

Moshling Burnie come from the beasties set on moshi monster. Looking at the skin of this moshling it will resemble with a fire color. Red combine with yellow. Make it look like can breath the fire. It was not hyperbolic if guessing like that. Because this little moshling is a fire-breathing dragon. That’s true, Burnie can spout fire from mouth and nostrils.

Moshling Burnie #097Cheats (Ultra Rare)

Although, Burnie remain a cute ultra rare moshling. To attract Moshling Burnie #097 in not always easy. It will take some of your precious time. Beside, yourMoshi Monster membership status will be a huge issue.  Therefore, while the other can not get this moshling, If you can, simply catch this moshling. Prove that you have capabilities to get an ultra rare moshling on Moshi Monster.

Moshling Burnie #097 Cheats Insider Biography :

Stay back as these little monsters light up your gloomy rain with fire! If these beasts gets their hands on hot chewy rocks, then your in for trouble!

They love to hide in the top mission volcano.

Ash flavored hot cakes and The Fizzbangs’s new single.

Fire extinguishers and round tables.

Moshling Burnie #097 on Moshi Monsters Garden

A Moshling Burnie the Fiery Frazzledragon can be attracted by proper combination of  red snap apple, red snap apple, and blue crazy daisy. It would be your own pride if you can get this fire-breathing dragon moshling. Because of beside Burnie is an ultra rare moshling, Dragon is also an extraordinary creature as well as the legendary creature.

Moshling Burnie #097Cheats (Ultra Rare) | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5