Moshling Cutie Pie, the Wheelie YumYum #091 (Ultra Rare)

Yummy….. that is maybe one of your imaginations when you looked Moshling Cutie Pie. She is come from Foodies set, and is an ultra rare Wheelie Yum Yum Moshling as well. Her rarity can be seen from her ID number that were within range #78 and #108. Beside General Fuzuki’s Moshling, You must be a member to get an ultra rare Moshling. So did well to get this Moshling.

Moshling Cutie Pie, the Wheelie YumYum #091 (Ultra Rare)

Moshling Cutie Pie, the Wheelie YumYum #091  Insider Info :

Check out the wheels! These scrumptilicious Moshlings move like lightning. But so would you if you had turbo-charged sprinkles and a woowoo-ing cherry on your head. Wheelie YumYums are often forced to flee from hungry predators, leaving spongy crumbs in their way. Follow the trail and you might find one filling up with a few gallons of super sweet cocoa.

A cakey aroma often wafts across Ramekin Plain, so experts believe CutiePie Canyon (where Wheelie YumYums are said to live) could be located nearby.

Steaming hot drinks and fancy napkins.

Silly aprons and chocolate-chip traffic cops.

Moshling Cutie Pie, the Wheelie YumYum #091 (Ultra Rare) on Moshi Monsters Garden

Attracting Moshling Cutie Pie will be more difficult than getting other moshlings.  Even, you need to be a member to be able get this ultra rare Moshling .  However, her cutie look can melt you down so that give you new passion to try and try again until you get her.  Lucky combination from  Purple Crazy Daisy, Blue Dragon Fruit, and Pink Star Blossom maybe worked out.

Moshling Cutie Pie, the Wheelie YumYum #091 (Ultra Rare) | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5