Moshling Ecto Inside Info

You do not need ghostbuster help to catch Moshling Ecto although he is one of Spookies moshlings like a ghost. He is a banshee wear luxurious robe made from electrified wobble-plasma that are brightly lit colour green. Buster Bumblechop think that ecto using Rox Dust that always looks bright so his glow is not permanent.

Moshling Ecto #60

I tell you something at The Port inside ‘Paws ‘n’ Claws’ you can buy an item of Cuddly Ecto: Tired of being slimed in wobble-plasma from squeezing the real Ecto? Now you can be slime-free with the cuddly version!

Cuddly Ecto

Also go to Underground Disco scroll to left end of the hall there is Ecto’s Cave, enjoy play game to try and collect the orbs and avoid the bats! Stay alive as long as you can!

Moshling Ecto's Cave Games

How to get Moshling Ecto #60 Rare

You need a combination seeds Any Hot Silly Peppers + Red Love Berries + Black Love Berries then after several hours attract ecto in your garden.

Moshling Ecto #60 in Moshi Monsters Garden

Don’t be afraid, Fancy Banshees are one of the friendliest Moshlings. But just make sure you don’t touch one because their creepy glowing capes are made of electrified wobble-plasma. This mysterious stuff turns things inside-out. Eek! When they’re not drifting through walls in the dead of night, they float around collecting Rox dust which i think they need to keep themselves glowing brightly.

Scientits believe Fancy Banshees come from a paralell vortex deep within the ClothEar Cloud Formation. It can only be accessed by running around and shouting ‘wo-oo-oo’ really loudly.

Rox dust and darkness.

Anyone called Ichabod and being upside-down.

Moshling Ecto Inside Info | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5