Moshling Gigi Insider Info

Moshling Gigi #79 is an ultra rare on moshi monsters with Ponies set, you can call her unihorn that have an ice cream cone horn. What is striking about her? of course you can see a star-adorned body and a rainbow-colored mane and tail. I know she is an enchanted mule descending from carousel horses! on eBay online shop could find and buy anything about Gigi moshling toys and gifts.

Moshling Gigi #79

How to get Moshling Gigi
Gigi’s combination is blue hot silly pepper + red moon orchid + yellow hot silly pepper

Moshling Gigi #79 on Moshi Monsters Garden

Magical Mules are powerful moshlings descended from enchanted carousel horses. Maybe that’s why they trot along humming fairground tunes, gliding up and down as if still on a merry-go-round. These elegant gee-gees can even create rainbows. Magical Mules are unique because their unihorns are actually ice-cream cones held on by licorice shoelaces.

Likes wild fluttercups and making magical daisy chains.

The smell of diesel and boiled onions.

Magical Mules eat wild fluttercups and cotton candy-things you can only find in Crystal Grotto near Copperfield Canyon.

Moshling Gigi Insider Info | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5