Moshling Hansel #059 (Rare)

Moshling Hansel has a thing that most of moshlings from foodies set have it. What else if it was not an adorable appearance. If you do not believe me, you can try to compare Hansel with Moshling Coolio the Magical Sparklepop, Cutie Pie the Wheelie Yum-Yum, or even to Oddie the Sweet Ringy Thingy. All of them have a similar characteristic, a cuteness.

Moshling Hansel #059 (Rare)

Nevertheless, His good appearance not necessarily reflect his attitude. According to several information, Moshling Hansel the Psycho Gingerboy was often do some naughty deed. Therefore, Psyco Gingerbread the troublemakers may be a suitable name for him.

Moshling Hansel #059 (Rare) insider info:

Don’t be fooled by the fancy frosting and plump raisins; Psycho Gingerboys are naughty little troublemakers. When they’re not stealing sweeties and holding up bakeries, they just like hanging around on street coners, tripping up passers with their delicous-but-deadly candy canes. Crumbs!

Legend has it these half-baked hooligans were originally cooked at 180 degrees deep inside Cookie Crumb Canyon, but nobody’s sure as they seem to pop up anywhere and everywhere. Yikes!

Twirling Liquorice Lassos and Bathing in Custard.

Chessy Puffs and Pecking Pigeons.

Moshling Hansel #059 (Rare) on Moshi Monsters Garden

To attract Moshling Hansel into your Moshi Monsters garden is relatively easier if we compared to how to get Moshling Cutie Pie, the Wheelie YumYum. Therefore, do not be discouraged if you still insist on getting this naughty moshling. A little passion plus your luck is enough to get Hansel, beside you has planted a combinations seeds of Dragon Fruit, Black Magic Bean and Black Moon Orchid.

Moshling Hansel #059 (Rare) | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5