Moshling O’Really #070 the Unlucky Larrikin

Please kindly introducing still fresh from the oven, Moshling O’Really. At least as published on The Dailly Growl, this a brand new Moshling was getting popular within the Monster At Monstro City. In addition, Buster Bumblechop himself revealed the fact about this Moshling. The Daily Growl added that although it has been just recently added, it was reported that nearly five hundreds Moshi Monster users have already take it into their Moshling Zoo.

Moshling O’Really is an addition for Lukies set. Although he is an unlucky larrikin, but it doesn’t mean the unlucky thing will be transfered to anyone who can get him. Looking at he really like limericks and rainbows, he can make the others happy. Therefore it would be worth enough for you to get him. Until now, no one has known the cause why he could be so unlucky. Maybe now you are thinking, how to get Moshling O’Really # 070 the unlucky larrikin on Moshi Monster.

Moshling O'Really #070 the Unlucky Larrikin

Here are the insider info that was Buster Bumblechop dropped by :

Moshling O’Really #070 the Unlucky Larrikin Insider Fact file :

Looking for luck? Then you’d best look away because Unlucky Larrikins are the most unfortunate Moshlings of all. Not that they know it because they are always looking on the bright side, whistling, joking and telling tall stories to anyone who’ll listen. It must be the way they tell ‘em. Zzzzz…

Near the fabled Barmy Stone of Shamrock Bog.

Limericks and rainbows.

Gold paint and breakfast cereal.

Because of this is a new moshling, no many player know how to get moshling O’really. However according to some info, a proper combination of Star Blossom, Pink Dragon Fruit and Red Dragon Fruit can attract this unlucky larrikin. Nothing better that try by yourself and then share on this site whether you success or not.

Moshling O’Really #070 the Unlucky Larrikin | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5