Moshling Scamp Mombination And Info

The most popular moshlings after IGGY and Oddieis Ultra Rare, Puppies set namely moshling Scamp #84. He’s a cute dog because nice sound aw..awk… and wear a green frog suit. Look at his neck! he has a little pink bow tie.

Moshling Scamp #84

How to get Moshling Scamp:

Combination: Pink Dragon Fruit+Blue Moon Orchid+Black Snap Apple.

Ever wondered why a cute little puppy would want to boing around wearing a rubbery frog suit? Of course you have, but Froggie Doggies are too busy yelling ‘ribbit’ to answer silly questions. The best way to catch one of these jolly pooches is to tug on its pink bow because this will deflate its bizarre bouncy outfit. If that doesn’t work, try popping it with a pin. Bang!


These dogs think they’re frogs so they often gather at Lillypad Lake and Croak Creek – bad idea as they can’t swim. Ribbit!

Pond life, fairy princesses and loves frogs and pretending to be one and also frog costumes(espesialy the one he has).

Garlic butter and knitting needles.

Moshling Scamp Mombination And Info | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5