Moshling White Fang #055 Cheats (Rare)

Moshling White Fang #055 is one of a rare moshling in Moshi Monster. In addition, to attract this cute Musky Husky, you have to become a member. Because of you need tohave an access to the Super Seeds Cart at the Port in Monstro City to buy the Crazy Daisy flower seed as one of the combination to attract the Musky Husky, White Fang.

Moshling White Fang #055 Cheats (Rare)

The Musky Husky White Fang is very cute. It will be very interesting if this moshling can accompany your pet monster. Moshling White Fang come from puppies set. Yup, puppies are very common to be adopted as pet, even in a real world. Did you already know how to get the moshling White Fang moshi monsters? if you did not, let’s begin from knowing this moshling White Fang info.

Moshling White Fang #055 Cheats (Rare)

Moshling White Fang code #55 insider info :

Totally barking and slightly whiffy, Musky Huskies are the tail-chasing, bone-loving tearaways that will do almost anything for a bite to eat. They’ve even been spotted rummaging through trash cans searching for scraps. Maybe that’s why they always look so scruffy – why groom when you can scoff? Take care if you decide to pet one of these greedy mucky pups – it might bite off your delicious looking fingers. Grawl! In fact, one bit Dr. Strangeglove’s hand off!

Because they’re so hyper, musky huskies don’t stay put for long. Check a few dumpsters and you might get lucky.

Doggie bags and old bones.

De-tangling lotion and getting tin cans stuck on their noses.

The Musky Husky White Fang is moshling that was inspired from white wolf. And the name of Moshling White Fang #055 was taken from a novel that tell about a wolfdog with the same name, “White Fang”. If you were already accomplished moshi mission 7 and moshi mission 9, you will notice that these species were appeared. If you want to own it, you need to know how to get the moshling White Fang moshi monsters at first. it means Moshling White Fang code of combination. You will need, the proper combination of Red Moon Orchid ,Red Magic Beans, and any Crazy Daisy.

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