Moshling Woolly the Titchy Tusked Mammoth #58

How your summer guys? be fun.. moreover, the latest info from Buster Bumblechops about moshling Woolly the Titchy-Tusked Mammoth, but glance look like Mr.Snoodle. Has same green ears but this moshling with tusks. I think because of the mammoth lived in ice age so Wolly inside set Snowies, friend of moshlings Tomba, Leo and Gracie.

Moshling Woolly #58 the Titchy-Tusked Mammoth

How to get moshling wolly is easy if you are member go to the Music Island exactly in UFO crash site to completed Super Moshi Mission 3 Season 2 Bungle in the Jungle. You can read my tutorial about that.

Moshling Woolly #58 Insider Info:

Most evenings are spent dyeing their pelts with Inka Inka essence and dipping their ears and feet in gloopy green puddles. They can even remove their blue coats if it gets too warm and unscrew their tusks (which they sharpen using snooker cue chalk).

Dozing in blocks of ice in ChillyBot State Park or eating hoodle plants around the Unknown Zone on Music Island.

Cotton-candy kebabs and hairdryers

Scissors and styling wax.

Ancient Woolly Mammoths on earth used their enormous tusks to scrape away snow so they could reach vegetation.

Moshling Woolly the Titchy Tusked Mammoth #58 | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5