Moshling Zoo DS

Bring moshi monsters online games as a caretaker of your Moshling Zoo play on your DS. As usually the Moshi Monsters’ pets namely Moshlings somehow they are escape from the cage so as a player your main task is bring back all of the wild Moshlings to join the zoo, very fun.. But Some Moshlings obey you and want to follow, but others are quite difficult. You need little hard work find way to persuade them to return inside the zoo.

Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo DS Game Pics!

Moshling Madness

Feed the hungry moshlings by food from safari supplies also decorations for the best zoo so every animal will want to join there. You will be helped by MAP to travel throughout the land. Just visit the store, play a mini game or go on safari to the Wooly Wilderness to catch new Moshlings.

The main features of this Moshling Zoo DS are hunting for new Moshlings, decorating the zoo, playing games and making new friends. Each task you are completed can submit online, show your achievements! after log onto your online account. Your friends will know you have discovered trophies and secret items.

Moshling Zoo DS | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5