What are moshlings? When you first start the Moshi monsters sign in steps, you have to adopt a monsters such as Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer, Poppet or Luvli.  Well.. then they will catch the moshling later while doing adventure.

Okay I will give you explanation. Moshlings are small/tiny pets for your monsters, or you can call them a funny creature characters as the second actor of the game moshi monsters.  In the wild place they are a lot around Monstro City and easy to find and catch.  One thing, they really love the flowers, so when you grow the correct ones,  they will become your life long friends.

I love Poppet because she’s very funny.  There was one incident when opening my account I see the Poppet sudden cry, but I laugh to see the snot always out of her nose.. ha.. ha.. From this it seems that the expression of a monster really looks real and you will feel both sad and happy.

How can I get a Moshling?

Look your garden from the map and grow 3 flowers. When they’ve grown you’ll see if you’ve attracted a Moshling. If you have not, do not worry, the Cluekoo can help you out. Some Moshlings are easy to catch and will be attracted by any colour of flower, but the really rare Moshlings are picky, so you can only attract them if you get the exact flower colour right.

Moshling and Flowers 040 - Doris (Uncommon)

Look at the moshlings pictures collection, you can make it wallpaper on your room, computer desktop or photo album.

Moshlings Wallpaper

Wallpaper size ( 1181p x 984 pixel ) – you can enlarge this images


Medium size (500 × 313 pixel)


Medium size (500 × 354 pixel)


You can found the seeds on the Moshling seed cart in Main Street, in between Yukea and the Gross-ery Store. They can also be found at The Port in the Super Seeds shops ( for Moshi members only) The seeds are: Hot Silly Peppers, Star Blossom, Moon Orchid, Dragon Fruit, Magic Beans, Love Beries, Snap Apple (Members only) and Crazy Daisy (Members only).

Note: You can’t get moshlings with Rox flowers

Port moshlings so far: Humphrey, Priscilla, Coolio, Jeepers, Bernie, ShiShi, IGGY, Honey, Cutie Pie.

Currently I know the number of moshlings there are 55 animals divided into 12 species: Spookies, Birdies, Kitties, Foodies, Ninjas, Worldies, Ponies, Fishies, Dinos, Beasties, Fluffies, Puppies. They name according to its shape.

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