New Moshi Medals and The Image Difference Answers

A few months ago I have explained what is moshi medal? really surprises in this June I have noticed the new Moshi medals, I see it inside my monster home. That give the Poppet happy. There are six new ones now, first you can get Milk Shake from click cows 50 times. The question “Where do you find cows?”. It easy, Just go to Sludge Street -> scroll mouse to left side the check the outside of abandoned building similar hotel/rent house!

2nd if you save 100 rox will get Money Bags medal.
3nd medal Rolling in Rox by saving 10,000 Rox.
4th you must rescue Moshlings in any super moshi mission as a Moshling Hero.
5th go to Captain Buck’s ship then buy anything up to you to get Boat Bounty medal okay…
Last medal 6th collect only 999 health points and 999 hapiness points so you get Supermon.

New Moshi Medals

Below there are 6 Milk Shake medals I want also you tell me the difference among them. Maybe something is missing or what?

New Moshi Medals and The Image Difference Answers

Find an answer? okay.. clue: D is different because the cow has one dot not two like others.

Talking about the award medals, as ultimate fans you must know about all moshi monsters trophies from level 1 to level 31 because it give you spirit to collect all and enjoy any super moshi mission.  Who among you who have reached the highest level? I am so curious what his skill and who is the famous guy…

New Moshi Medals and The Image Difference Answers | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5