Ruby Scribblez on Moshi Monsters

Do you know who Ruby Scribblez is? She is an editor for Shrillboard Magazine and very expert make all things on Moshi Stuff. You know she owns three of everything ever made.

Ruby Scribblez on Moshi Monsters

Ruby always has excellent ideas as trend-master and Roary Scrawl agreed to publish every Ruby’s ideas at The Daily Grow all Monstro City people known as Ruby’s review!

At Ruby’s 1st Review she was in US tells us some intererting news in there such us Moshi Monsters figures and plush toys that USA kids bought it in Target and Walmart stores nationwide!

Walmart Moshi Monsters Toys

At that time my friends a lot of buying one of six plush Monsters, a plush clip-on Backpack Buddy or Moshling figures in packs of one or three. What do you get, buddies?? In addition there are many all sorts of Moshi Monsters toys and variety games inside Toys R Us.

Ruby also sold Poppet Pyjamas and Moshi Monsters apparel like tee shirts in Australia so you can more enjoy shopping..
Poppet Pyjamas and Moshi Monsters

Now, on Ruby’s Review #3 as a celebrity journalist she have been busy writing biography of new Zack Binspin.


US Moshi Monsters

Hello US Moshi fans – Moshi Monsters toys are now available in Kmart and Walgreen’s stores as well as Target, Toys R Us and Walmart. That’s 20,000 locations across the USA. great!!!



The best thing is LIMITED EDITION Moshi Art Prints stuff with Certificate of Authenticity for tile are sticked entire your flat wall. Get your own here


Moshlings Charms and Charm Bracelet



My Flash Trash shop introduced Moshi Monsters exclusive jewellery collection! you can choose your own Moshling charms range features 4 limited edition silver charms and a charm bracelet..looks bling bling.

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