Scummi Bears Difference Images

It maybe Okay if Roary Scrawl doesn’t like to meet Scummi bears in the street. Maybe he was just look at it appearance. His assumption is not totally wrong. Because of Scummi bears apperance is mostly punk and gothic. Commonly, one of them is always wearing some kind of earrings.

If you are a monster at Moshi monster, some Scummi Bears can make your monster happiness and health will increase. As you know, each Scummi bears can add 30 health and 10 happiness. If your monster really like this Scummi Bears, you can get it on Gross-ery Store at main street of Monstro City.

However, this time we will not talk about the deliciousness of this Scummi bears. We are here to answer Roary Scrawl Challenge. Distinguishing which the real scummi bears and which is not. When you often buy some of it for your monster, I can sure that you will not have any difficulties in order to distinguish it.

Scummi Bears Difference Images

Now, just look at to pictures above. Have you found the fake one? Look closer. Especially on the green bears. Does any of them have any differences? That’s right, you find it. The green Scummi bears on set C doesn’t wear an earing.

Scummi Bears Difference Images | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5