Super Moshi Mission #3 Secrets and Get Moshling Plinky

Dr. Strangeglove from above, he is terrorising the Fluffies in the clouds. The Super Moshi will be stop him. He is a Monstro City trouble maker that most nimble, slick and always managed to escape when we almost caught him. This time you will adventure from C.L.O.N.C air balloon and above the clouds.

Super Moshi Mission #3 Secrets and Get Moshling Wurley

Go to Volcano HQ as usual, you have task  “AVOID THE GOO! from Elder Moshi. Avoid all the goo that confront your plane, but eventually it crashed landed on a white cloud because got gooed, therefore, your plane should be cleaned by help of tears from the cloud namely ‘NIMBUS’.

You must find a way to supercharge Wurley. Okay,  Click the cloud and make her laugh by give 3 correct joke answers:

1. Legless sheep, 2. Slowly-cane, and 3. Thunder-wear

Then “NIMBUS” will rain over plane, now click Iggy brush like a sponge until plane is clean. Then this time to find Wurley.

Hmm, what’s this strange material? Now Pick Up the scarf on plane. Beside left you, click the rainbow. There’s Wurley! Oh… He doesn’t look too good. You need Fumble that could help fix him. Fumble will ask you to to bring some kite making supplies and he’ll make you one.

What he need? Bring him string, material, sticks and glue. So get the string off Windmill. Get sticks under cloud. Now, go click the rainbow again, pick up the goo from the floor. Go back to the rainbow then give the kite items to Fumble. Now, give the kite to Wurley. Click the cloud, make it mad / angry. Then, click the windmill, so it makes wind. Lets see.. Wurley has been power up..!! take him back to and fix the plane. Now, click on Wurley again. Out Wurley on the broken plane.

Now Play Game, Collect Lightning. Next, you’ll be in a room, now click the tube above Wurley then click him. Pick up the gear from floor then put it on machine. Fix the tube on machine. Open the gate for super moshi by the switch button (on right).

What are those sounds coming from that door over there? Let’s check it out! Click on the right door hole. Click on ladder in the middle. Oh no! They are using a poor Moshling to works the goo cannons!

Destroy the machine! Click space bar multiple times. VERY FAST!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! you got Plinky!

Watch this tutorial:

Super Moshi Mission #3 Secrets and Get Moshling Plinky | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5