Super Moshi Mission 3 Trailer

Although we are not super man, but yeah… we are Super Moshi. The word Super will give a great courage and huge differences for us. As a Super Moshi that had a certain skill, extra ordinary intelligence, as well as rare bravery can be used to help other monster in Monstro City, even the World, from the most evil organization, C.LO.N.C.

After you’ve done to accomplish Super Moshi season 2 mission 2, you must be ready again for the next mission. Yes…. As a Super Moshi you should always ready. As soon as next week, you got the Mission. This info was gotten from the must trusted newspaper in Monstro City, the Daily Growl.

Stay close to The Daily Growl. it will give you an update when the time is coming. For you can get ready, maybe you want to check out what kind a mission on next super Moshi adventure. This Super Moshi Mission 3 Trailer may can help you.

Looking at Super Moshi Mission 3 Trailer above, it seem the next super moshi mission will involve Sprockett and Hubbs. But what things that make them going deep into jungle and were stuck on the quicksand. Are they plan to do some thing bad?

Super Moshi Mission 3 Trailer

What ever their plan, and no matter what they did on that jungle,  as Super Moshi, you must find another Zoshling. After you have found first officer ooze in Sandy Drain Hotel in the super moshi mission 2, Whose next you must be rescued?

Super Moshi Mission 3 Trailer

Oh.. yea… I almost forgot, according to the insider info, the moshling that would be involved in Super Moshi mission 3 is TaDa the Magical Hooa-Dooa. So, do not miss to accomplish “Bungle In The Jungle” Super Moshi Mission, next week.

Super Moshi Mission 3 Trailer | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5