Thump Glump Dr. Strangeglove’s Games

If you are a Super Moshi, you must already know who is Dr. Strangglove. He and his evil organization C.L.O.N.C always do the bad things for every citizens of Monstro City. Therefore, if you meet him, just try to beat him. And, it is better if you check out on the end of Sludge Street right now. If you forget how to get there, just open the map and click the Sludge Street.

Once you click it you will just arrive in front of the Horrods shop. Just continue walking to the right side, in the end of the Sludge Street you will see the most dangerous man in Moshi Monster, Dr Strangeglove. Thats right, he is the man who was standing in front of the Dodgy Dealz. But, wait, is he the real Dr. Strangeglove? let’s find out.

Thump Glump Dr. Strangeglove's Games

Thus, just click that “Dr. Strangeglove”. Oh no, that was only some Glumps that just disguise themselves as Dr. Strangelove. When you cannot beat him at this moment, maybe you can beat the Glumps, through this Thump Glump Dr. Strangeglove’s Games. The rule is simple.

Thump Glump Dr. Strangeglove's Games

You just have to hit the glumps to score some points. You miss a Glump it mean also you will lose a life. But do not worry, you can restore your missed life by hit the same Glump three times. However, the game will totally end when you hit even a single moshling.  So, do not do that. The point is you must collect the score as high as you can.

Thump Glump Dr. Strangeglove’s Games | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5