Zack Binspin Show Off at Monstro City – Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair’s Too Long) feat Blingo

The famous Moshi Monster’s artist, Zack Binspin, is show off at Monstro City right now. So, hurry go to the concert site and join to the crowd. He was doing a concert right across the Bizarre Bazaar and The Daily Growl on the main street at Monstro City. To recognize Zack Binspin is not too difficult. He has a very phenomenal characteristic in Monstro city, His monstrous hair. I mean his cute hair.

Zack Binspin Show Off at Monstro City - Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long) feat Blingo

He is really a superstar. Accompanied by celebrity Poppet who brought a moshling white fang, guarded by Bouncer, surrounded by Paparazzi and also ride a white Limousine. If you do not have a time for watching a live concert of Zack Binspin featuring Blingo this time, do not worry, you still able to watch their recorded video on you tube below:

Honestly, I really like the song, it’s kinda something. It would be better if we are singing together.

Here the lyrics for new song from Zack Binspin, “My Hair’s Too Long” :


you wanna stroke my hair?

its ok …. its just me

Zack, Zack Binspin

Hey, check out my lids

Its real rusty

Conditioner ? No,

This is just goo, baby

I live in a funky dustbin

Surrounded by trash

were talking ’boutmutant sprouts

And lumpy, gone-off mash

Yeah, I got funny hairdo

But hey, that’s okay

If you run your fingers through it

Its like a buffet

reff: [2X]

Moptop tweeny bop

Shimmyin’ and shakin’

I’ve lost count of the hearts

That I’ve been breakin’

I can’t see and my eyeballs

They are achin’,

‘cos my hair’s

too long

I Hang out at Brashcan alley,

With my band and my crew

If you were a true believer,

You’d be there too

Yeah, I know that  I’m a heart throb

But that ain’t a crime

So check out my dustbin, baby

We can snuggle in the grime

back to reff: [2X]

Im here with my homies

In the crazy world of moshi

Rappin’ for my buddy

Even he’s wishy-washy

Slamming down the rhymes

like a rusty dustbin lid

Blingo the fox?!

Duetting with a kid?

Moptop tweenybop

Shimmyin’ and shakin’

Sittin’ on his groove

You know that I ain’t fakin’ Moly guacomole,

I just gotta rap more slowly

‘cos I’am running out of breath

And these tempos kinda throw me

back to reff: [2X]

We love you Binspin

I know

Zack Binspin Show Off at Monstro City – Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair’s Too Long) feat Blingo | Buster Bumblechops | 4.5